How to prepare your property for sale?

How to prepare your property for sale?

How to prepare your property for sale? 
At Southwell Property, we believe you deserve the best… the best sales experience, the best service and the best result! To achieve the best result, it is important that you present your property in the best possible way, to increase your chances of a high sale price.

To do this we have some quick tips:
– Look at your home from a buyers perspective
– Fix things that look neglected
– Create a welcoming experience for buyers
– Create a vibe of a fresh and clean home that is ready to move into

Lets go into more detail about how to prepare your property for sale.

1. Make simple repairs
Simple changes such as fixing cracked glass in windows or cleaning stained carpet can make a huge difference. Damaged areas can alert buyers that work might be required. This can have a negative impact on the potential buyer, diminishing their enthusiasm for the property.

2. Clean
It is very important to give your whole house a thorough clean. Carpet, windows, kitchen appliances should all be fresh and clean. Outdoor pavements are best to be hosed and fences free of bird poo and spider webs. Ensuring you have a clean house gives you a greater chance at nailing that first impression with the buyer.

3. Declutter
Decluttering your home makes each room look more appealing, cleaner and spacious. You’re moving anyway, so why not start now and pack away the non-essentials!

4. Styling
Consider styling the home so it looks modern and fresh. Styling can either be a do it yourself approach or you can hire a professional stylist. Styling can be cheaper than you think, and provides an instant facelift and a fresh look.

5. Paint
Paint is one of the cheapest ways to improve the look and feel of your home. Choose neutral but modern colours such as vivid white and ensure the colours are consistent throughout the property.

6. Update your front door handle
The door we use to enter the home day in and day out is often worn out and clunky. Many owners don’t realise, because we are so used to it! When the buyer inevitably goes to open the door during the inspection, there is nothing worse than seeing them (or the agent) struggling with an old door handle.

Take a look at your main entry point. How does it look? Does it work? If not, lets repair it and nail that first impression.

Every property is different. Your Southwell Property agent can advise you on where to put your time and effort prior to the sale, in order to maximise your result.